CBD Oil for curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are a lot of potential benefits of cannabidiol or CBD oil. Many of the illnesses have found a probable cure with this oil. When it comes to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME/CFS), which cannot be easily treated, CBD oil again stands out as a natural way of treating this illness too.

CFS is a chronic and debilitating disease that features many symptoms. It occurs probably due to the dysregulation of multiple systems in the body. CBD is recommended to be a possible treatment of CFS, but the lack of research doesn’t stand by this possibility. Moreover, people become hesitant to try it because; the oil is gotten from the hemp plant, which is related to controversial marijuana.

In this article, we shall be discussing CBD oil and the various ongoing researches on treating CFS with CBD oil.

About CBD Oil

It is also called cannabidiol oil. The cannabis plant is the parent of CBD oil. This plant also produces marijuana and because of that, this oil is not legal in many of the US states. However, CBD used as an oil or balm or in any other form doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Therefore, it doesn’t give the “high”, that usually is associated with marijuana.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the substance that provides the ‘high’ in medical marijuana. Farmers use different breeds and techniques to increase the TCH levels for maximizing the plant’s psychoactive effects.

But, the cannabis grown for hemp is rich in cannabidiol or CBD rather than THC and thus having positive effects. The CBD products are being used for a lot of medical purposes producing miraculous results.

CBD Oil is used for:

  • Relieving chronic pain and inflammation, including neuroinflammation (which is a suspected symptom of ME/CFS)
  • Treating social anxiety disorder
  • Curing insomnia, glaucoma pain, and children epilepsy
  • Inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors
  • Healing movement problems

CBD Research and ME/CFS

Although there has not been any research on CBD as a treatment for CFS, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to say on this.

Many symptoms of this disease can be treated with CBD. However, it is still unsure that the causes of these symptoms occurring in general and due to CFS are the same. But, it provides a basis of similar speculation.

CBD oil for ME/CFS is likely to be investigated for the following reasons:

  • There is no certain treatment that is FDA approved for ME/CFS. Dozens of alternative treatments and medications are being used to cure the problem. But, the effect each one has is mild to none. Moreover, people have to face several side effects of those which again are a problem.
  • Secondly, pain is also involved in many cases of ME/CFS. CBD oil is known to alleviate acute pain. And therefore, it might also be beneficial in relieving ME/CFS pain. Moreover, opioid drug-related addiction can also be controlled by CBD oil. Because as marijuana was legalized in some of the US states, a drop in opioid prescription was noticed. CBD was prescribed as a safe and effective remedy for relieving pain.

There are many other reasons as well for considering CBD Oil for curing ME/CFS.

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