How can Hemp Oil Tincture help in easing out PMS?

Over 40 % of US women suffer from PMS or premenstrual syndrome. The issues of PMS develop one or two weeks before their menstruation. The most common symptoms include abdominal bloating, backache, intestinal cramps, diarrhea or constipation, depression, anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, headaches, and many others.

Hormonal patterns usually change in women prior to menstruation or periods and the body has increased the level of estrogen hormones and lower levels of progesterone hormones. This imbalance of hormones often results in PMS symptoms. An adequate amount of vitamin B, zinc as well as magnesium is required by the liver to eliminate the excess of estrogen. A deficiency of these nutrients often increases the levels of circulating estrogen and thus causing the PMS symptoms to occur.

Taking a proper diet involving fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains etc. are often advised by the physicians. Various seeds like flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds are also recommended for women suffering from PMS. These help to reduce circulating estrogens or block their attachment to cell receptors and thus minimizing their effect.

It is also seen in women with PMS, that they also lack essential fatty acids and poor conversion of dietary Omega 6 to GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid). This is why they suffer from prostaglandin abnormalities like steroid production, fluid balance, inflammation, pain, and swelling.

Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is a rich source of GLA, which serves as the building block for prostaglandins.  This fatty acid is also helpful in balancing hormone levels and reducing inflammation. This is why GLA in hemp oil tincture also ease bloating, cramping, and various other discomforts caused by PMS.

It is seen that many women have impaired conversion of omega-6 to GLA. Therefore, supplementing GLA from outside sources is often recommended for menstruating women. Best hemp oil tincture includes about 3% of GLA, which is quite a sufficient amount.

Besides being a rich source of GLA, the hemp oil tincture also consists of a perfect balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help in regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Changes in this also can cause various other symptoms of PMS. When compared to other sources of GLA like borage oil or evening primrose capsules, the level of GLA can be quiet low. But, you can get it in a variety of forms like hemp seed oil, hemp oil tincture, hemp seed capsules, etc. Therefore, you can use them as a part of your normal diet. You can pour the oil over salads, and vegetables, or use it in smoothies, green drinks and dips and make your diet healthier. Taking hemp seed oil in your daily diet will not only add up GLA but also many other nutrients like essential fats, magnesium as well as the plant sterols of hemp.

Hemp oil tincture is recommended by many nutritional therapists as it is a good source of GLA and various other minerals required by the body of a menstruating woman.

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